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DevSecOps stands for development, security, and operations. It is an approach to culture, automation, and platform design that integrates security as a shared responsibility throughout the entire IT lifecycle to emphasize the need to build a security foundation into DevOps initiatives.

Dreamworks Service bring a comprehensive DevSecOps approach to help organizations continue to innovate without sacrificing security. We have the expertise and ability to deliver a robust portfolio to build, deploy, and run security-focused applications to help organizations wherever they are in their DevSecOps journey.

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What Dreamworks Delivers

Container Security

containers are a central part of modern DevOps processes, they are also a primary concern for DevSecOps initiatives. There are three primary dimensions of container security: (1) Image scanning. (2) Minimal base images. (3) Container image risk management (4) Drift protection

Infrastructure Automation

DevSecOps relies heavily on automation to detect and fix security vulnerabilities and configuration issues across the IT environment. Modern automation methods include: (1) Configuration management (2) Infrastructure as Code (IaC)

Application Analysis

Application analysis helps identify security issues such as application vulnerabilities early in SDLC, and remediating them before they become complex and expensive to fix. Application analysis tools and technologies include: (1) SAST (2) SCA (3) DAST (4) IAST (5) Threat modeling


Identity and access management (IAM) consists of methods that use centrally defined policies to control access to data, applications and other network assets. IAM should govern access to all aspects of the DevOps environment, at every stage of the SDLC. This helps prevent unauthorized access to sensitive systems and blocks lateral movement.

Network Controls and Segmentation

Network controls and segmentation allow you to visualize, segregate, and control traffic managed by container orchestration tools. They help isolate tenants and secure the flow of communication between elements of containerized applications and microservices. Another benefit is the ability to segregate development, testing, and production networks, to ensure that an attack on any of these environments does not affect the others.

Data Controls

Data control methods and technologies protect data integrity and prevent unauthorized data leakage. They can protect data at rest and in motion using: (1) Data encryption (2) Data protection (3) Data masking

Auditing, Monitoring, and Alerting

Auditing and monitoring methods provide insight into security incidents in production environments. They can help respond to incidents faster, by providing detailed forensic information about possible causes and consequences of the event. Monitoring components include:


When a security incident occurs in a production environment, tools are available to automatically take corrective action. This improves uptime and prevents a threat from spreading in the environment. Another important element is to enable traceability of production issues to the specific build and code component that caused the issue, enabling developers to quickly remediate the issue.

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Features - of DevSecOps Services

"Translate your technology investments into measurable and meaningful business outcomes."

With the right planning, you can help your company go from DevOps to DevSecOps, enabling security teams to exert influence and improve the security of applications within current CI/CD pipelines.

  • Compliance and governance
  • Identity and access management
  • Vulnerability and configuration management
  • Platform security
  • Network controls
  • Data controls
  • Security controls
  • Runtime analysis and protection
  • Logging and monitoring
  • Remediation

Standardize and automate the environment

Each service should have the least privilege possible to minimize unauthorized connections and access.

Centralize user identity and access control capabilities

Since authentication is initiated at multiple points, Tight access control and centralized authentication mechanisms are essential for securing microservices.

Isolate Containers

Data at rest or in transit both are high value target for attackers since isolate container running micro services from each other and the network.

Encrypt data

To minimize the chance of unauthorized access between apps and services, A container orchestration platform with integrated security features implemented.

Introduce secure API gateways

By reducing exposed APIs, reduce surfaces of attacks. Secure APIs increase authorization and routing visibility.

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Benefits of DevSecOps Implementation

  • Increase observability.
  • Maintain and ensure compliance.
  • Runtime analysis and protection
  • Minimize vulnerabilities in applications.
  • Secure by Design and the ability to measure.
  • Offers more speed and agility to security teams
  • Provides the ability to respond to changes rapidly.
  • Reduction of expenses and Delivery rate increases.
  • Helps to build a trustful relationship with organizations.
  • Faster Speed of recovery in the case of a security incident.
  • Helps to implement compliance into the delivery pipeline from day one.
  • It supports openness and Transparency right from the start of development.
  • Identify vulnerabilities in the early stages of the software development lifecycle.
  • Security, Monitoring, Deployment check, and notifying systems from the beginning.
  • Improving Overall Security by enabling Immutable infrastructure which further involves security automation.

Automatic Code Security

DevSecOps reduces the risk of introducing security flaws through human error by automating tests and enables greater coverage, consistency and predictable processes. Plus, any issues can be tracked and fixed as soon as they occur during the development process.

Continuous Security

By using automation tools, organizations are able to create a continuous, closed-loop process for testing and reporting, thereby ensuring that all security concerns are immediately resolved.

Leveraging Security Resources

DevSecOps automates most of the standard security processes and tasks that require lesser hands-on time such as event monitoring, account management, code security and vulnerability assessments. This allows security professionals to focus their attention towards threat remediation and elimination of strategic risk.

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For More Information on how our DevOps Security services help you get started on your DevSecOps journey. Call us now on +919703370653 or request a call back by clicking below